Digitalized waste production & management


Save on waste management and reduce your carbon footprint.

Industrial & Construction Companies

Waste Management Companies

An intelligent, AI-powered counter built to optimize waste generation, management and quality, for a more circular economy

88% of all waste production are generated by economic activities

8 out of 10 waste collection trucks (haulers) are under or overloaded

Over 50% of all waste is not valorized due to its quality at the source

50% shortfalls

Waste management companies
30% increase in operating costs

The environnement
2,4 million tons of additional CO2 emissions per year (France)

Plug-and-play solution with no investment required

You are: a waste management company (waste facility, sorting center operator)


Real-time waste monitoring solution

Get an instant view on waste streams and volume to boost your activity.

Identify under and overloaded waste containers, wherever they are.
Optimize waste quality and transportation.
Avoid idle times and increase profitability.

You are: a manufacturer or a construction company


Real-time digital solution to optimize waste output and quality

Evaluate your waste performance, automate and optimize your waste activity.

Optimize your waste collection costs.
Make informed and prioritized waste management decisions.
Improve your brand image.

Meet our customers

Meet our customers

Akanthas, data analysis for improved waste management

We develop IA-powered solutions to collect and analyse waste data for better waste valorization practices.

From production to treatment, our smart solutions analyze your entire waste cycle.

Our proprietary IoT hardware is coupled with AI algorithms to automatically detect and characterize waste. With KPIs built for your business, we provide you with actionable insight on your waste activity.

  Our mission 


Waste is a resource. We help businesses digitalize their waste management through innovative, AI-powered solution, for a more circular economy.

Our partners

Our partners