Gain data visibility on waste and optimize operations


Akanthas, the real-time digital analysis solution for better waste and waste container management

Waste collectors

Waste container rental

Recycling centers

Public & professional waste facilities

For an organized, optimized and proactive waste management


Avoid idle containers and unecessary transportation


Collect the right waste at the right time, avoid under and overloads


Increase the profitability of your operations

Akanthas: a plug-and-play solution with no investment required

  Harvests your waste container data (location, fill rate and level, sorting errors).

  Centralizes your data on a user-friendly platform for easy day-to-day use.

  Analyses your data to help you take action (pick-ups, compactions, waste cross-contaminations.

  Informs you in real-time when an anomaly is detected (fill-levels, sorting errors).

How it works

Want to optimize waste container fill level and increase waste output quality? Akanthas’ Monitoring solution gives you real-time data and insight on your waste operations.

Want to have complete view over your assets? Akanthas’ Mobility solution gives you instant access to your containers’ location and idle times


With the power of our intelligent image sensor, you can:

  Get real-time container fill-levels

  Identify sorting errors, control waste input and output

  Predict future activity

  Dispositif conforme loi AGEC

Smart image sensor (avg height of installation: 6m/20ft).

Monitors up to 5 containers.

AI-powered image analysis.

Full RGPD compliance (automatic face blurring). 

Vision for informed decisions.

Automatic fill-level and sorting errors detection.

Prices per container/month (suscription)

MOBILITY solution

Optimize your asset management by augmenting your visibility across locations, for all types of waste containers.

Container ID with QR coded tags.

Step-by-step scanning with the Akanthas mobile app.

User-friendly visualization for every container.

Prices per container/month (suscription)

Why optimize your professional waste collection?

30% reduction* in operating costs

10% reductions* of your CO2 emissions

100% customer satisfaction

*Example of a company with 50 storage units (dumpster, cell, etc.) over a year.