Our vision


Over 75% of all waste comes from professional activities, and several factors are leading to management inefficiencies and a much reduced recovery and recycling rate. Waste, if considered as a resource, as immense development potential. Akanthas wants to help transform the way we manage professional waste, at the source.

Develop an efficient, economical and sustainable collection of waste

Better anticipate output for an improved recovery of waste

Develop a sustainable and transparent approach

Raise awareness amongst users to improve waste quality

For decades now, companies have been monitoring their electricity, gas, fuel and water uses, in an effort to reduce consumption, inefficiencies and costs. When it comes to waste, we realized that most businesses do not monitor their production and management whatsoever and came to make one key observation: what is not known cannot change.

At Akanthas, we want to help businesses challenge their view on waste and optimize their waste operations from the source. Our technology helps our customers visualize their waste production for optimal recovery, recycling and use.


We are digitalizing waste production to enable 100% recovery of professional waste.

A team of passionate experts

CEO & cofounder

A PhD in environmental processes engineering, Viviana has more than 10 years of experience in the waste recovery and treatment sector.

Nicolas JAOUEN
CTO & cofounder

PhD in numerical simulation, Nicolas has been working with artificial intelligence for the past 10 years.

Customer Success

Full-Stack Developer

Lead DevOps

Sales manager

Juliette COCHEZ 
Hardware Eng. Embedded AI